Anxious, too technical, factual or nerve-cracking. When we look at the news, the same negative feelings emerge. However, it is urgent to take the time to understand, to learn, to question and to dialogue in order to sustainably transform our society. We need to change the tone of voice to engage everyone. We need accessible speeches, inspiring role models and positive stories to build a brighter present and future.

mūsae informs, opens perspectives and inspires with tangible actions to engage the next generation around the environment, mental wellness and social inclusion through :

  • drawing an intersecting perspectives of individuals from diverse generations
  • building a multidisciplinary point of view based on the knowledge of scholars, artists, athletes and organizations.
  • highlighting those who act rather than those who decide
  • telling stories behind the figures.

mūsae is neither moralizing, activist nor partisan. mūsae aims at those who are convinced that a lasting change in society is necessary, and who need positive and concrete ideas and actions to bring it to life.

De-dramatizing, explaining and creating a culture of sustainable issues for everyone to take ownership of, this is the real challenge of today. To build your own answers, to create your own markers, to widen your horizon, and to find your own muse. This is the purpose of mūsae.

Each month, mūsae enlightens you by bringing a new perspective on a leading topic of sustainable issues with an in-depth dossier. mūsae gives you all the keys to better understand tomorrow’s issues and take part in the debate, starting today.


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