Spreading the voices of a positive vision about sustainability

mūsaelab inspires, creates authentic storytelling and designs societal innovations for & by organizations which aim to bring a  positive impact (companies, NGO’s and local authorities)

What mūsae brings to sustainability ?

The current approach

A technical expertise

A factual storytelling



mūsae’s approach

👉 A cultural movement

👉 Engaging and positive stories

👉 Concrete actions

👉 Hope

A holistic approach through 3 pillars

mūsae aims to make sustainability accessible and create a lifestyle movement

#1 Bring knowledge through a holistic point of view bringing around the table scholars, NGO’s, creative, athlete and consumers

#2 Be cultural and entertaining to engage the non-activists

#3 Provide tangible solutions


Aspirational sessions to be informed about societal and sustainable issues with our pool of experts (the next Gen, scholars, entrepreneurs, NGOs and creative)

  • Content curation
  • Workshops, webinar and talks

Content strategy and production to engage your audience

  • Strategic positioning
  • Storytelling
  • Content production
  • Content distribution
  • Mediaplanning

Business development to shape sustainable products/services through agile methodologies

  • Hackathons
  • Design thinking sessions

Our goal

Help organizations to hit the 17 SDG’s of the UN by 2030

They support mūsae

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